About Us


DEV Home Textile is one of the leading companies in upholstery fabrics production in Turkey since 2003. We are mainly concentrated on producing strong, durable uni fabrics for big sofa manufacturers and Contract/Project Departments. Our main market is European countries and USA.

The main strategic advantage of the company is our yarn production mill which enables us to produce around 20 tons of micro polyester chenille per month. Compared to the other chenille options in the market, our production ends with more durable and strong fibers since rpm (round per minute 800) is higher than market average; 650. This difference yields higher abrasion test results in chenille fabrics. Their cylindrical cut chenille has a great difference in terms of soft touch when compared with others.
Like chenille production, our intermingling machine gives us another advantage while creating different yarns by mixing many fibers easily. Along with chenille production, intermingling machines offers a wide range of weft and warp yarns and this results with rich qualities full of different special yarns. Our wide yarn collection is especially strong in polyester blends.

In the mill, we have climatization system installed and this gives us the opportunity to work easily with natural fibers (linen, cotton, viscose etc.) with high efficiency. Weaving mill is always set 23 degrees Celsius and 63% humidity level for stable continuous production. Factory is fully equipped with latest a MRP technology which controls production from the beginning till shipment. Each loom is connected to the main server via automation units which collect data about errors and stops in each machine during each shift. Collected data later investigated with data mining techniques in order to decide about the performances of looms and qualities.
Recently we’re working on improving our inherent FR collection which we develop with %100 polyester inherent FR yarns and continue adding new textures and designs regularly.

Facts & Figures:

  • 18 looms all equipped with jacquards
  • More than 2000 different qualities including many designs and plain fabrics
  • Production capacity of 120000 meters per month
  • 55 employees